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Getting Creative With Your Two-Bag-A-Month Coffee Subscription

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If you are not someone who drinks coffee every single day, receiving two bags of coffee in the mail each month as a part of a subscription service can seem like a lot. If you want to enjoy it before it goes stale, it's a good idea to get creative and branch out a little. Here are some more unique ways to try brewing, using, and enjoying all of that coffee.

Use a French Press

If you generally brew your coffee in a standard, drip coffee maker, consider trying a different brewing style for a change. A French press is one of the easiest types of "upscale" coffee makers to use. You put your coffee grounds in the bottom, and then pour in your hot water. Let it sit for a few minutes, and then give it a stir. Finally, put the lid on the French press, and push the plunger down. This sequesters all of the coffee grounds at the bottom of the press, and the brewed coffee remains on top. Pour yourself a cup, and enjoy the rich complexity.

French press coffee is really hearty and strong, and it's a great way to experiment when you're getting two bags of coffee in the mail each month. For best results, grind your coffee really coarse. This method is best for medium and lighter roast coffees.

Use a Mocha Pot

Another creative brewing method to try is using a mocha pot. These tiny coffee brewers make a really strong coffee drink that's similar to espresso but brewed at a lower pressure. You put your water in the bottom chamber and the coffee in a little filter chamber above the water. Place the brewer overheat, and the water will eventually create enough steam to build pressure in the lower chamber. This pressure will force the water up through the grounds and into the upper chamber of the pot. Pour it out, and make yourself a cappuccino, latte, or Americano -- just as you would with espresso.

Mocha pot coffee tends to be best when made with darker roasts. So, when your subscription service sends you some dark, French, or espresso-roast beans, this is the perfect way to experiment. For best results, grind them quite finely.

When you get two bags of coffee in the mail each month, it's fun to try out a few new brewing methods. You just might discover a favorite over the old standby.

To learn more about two 12 oz coffee bag subscription services, reach out to a service provider.