Liven Up Your Hamburgers this Summer

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Food Services To Offer During High Volume Times

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The holidays or at the beginning and end of quarters can be high volume times for a number of industries. If you need all hands on deck, everyone may have to work overtime and the office may need to be made more efficient so that all projects and work can be completed as soon as possible. In order to keep the office staff most effective, here are some services to offer during those high volume time periods. Read More»

Just Don't Invite The Ants -- How To Plan A Picnic-Style Wedding

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If you’re looking for a wedding option that avoids the tired, stuffy traditional choices? Why not throw a picnic wedding? Take advantage of beautiful summer days and lower your costs by planning a fun outing that everyone can enjoy while relaxing and reliving fun times outdoors. Here are 4 things you’ll need to create the perfect picnic wedding.  Green Grass and a View When picking out a venue for your picnic wedding, look for what you’d look for in any picnic site – large swaths of green grass and a beautiful backdrop of trees, rustic buildings or a gorgeous view. Read More»

3 Traditional Mexican Dishes To Try At An Authentic Mexican Restaurant

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The nearest drive-through taco stand may be a good place to grab a quick bite, but it’s not really the best example of Mexican cuisine. It’s easy to get a false perception of what Mexican food really tastes like when you’re only exposed to the Americanized, fast-food version of the cuisine. You might be surprised at what traditional Mexican dishes are actually like. Take a look at a few dishes you should try the next time you get the chance. Read More»

Have Vegetarian Guests Coming To Your Wedding? Here's How To Cater To Them

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While planning the catering for your upcoming wedding, you probably want to make sure that you have something to offer all of your guests. If some of your guests are vegetarian, however, you could be worried about ensuring that their needs are met at your event. Luckily, there are a few steps that you can take to help make this happen. 1. Find Out Ahead of Time First of all, you should find out how many vegetarians will be at your wedding beforehand. Read More»

Simple Ways to Add Chia Seeds to Your Diet

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If you are beginning a new exercise regime and have decided to add some healthy food choices to your diet, consider mixing chia seeds into some of your meals. Chia seeds contain several vitamins, are low in calories, and can boost your energy level. Learn some simple ways to utilize them on a daily basis so that you enjoy all of the wonderful benefits that they provide. Add to Soup or Gravy Read More»

Java Stripped: Why Convenient K-cups Were Made for These 3 Kinds of People

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K-cups are coffee made spare. No muss. No fuss. Just a moment of your time and a fresh mug of coffee is in your hand. There aren’t any coffee grounds sprinkled over everything on the way to the trash or compost bin. K-cups fit with a simpler lifestyle. But there are 3 kinds of people who truly benefit from the invention of the K-cup: People Who Can’t Make Coffee until They’ve Had a Cup of Coffee Read More»

Ideas For A Backyard Summer Party

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There’s nothing like the long, lazy days of summer. Share the fun and make some memories by inviting your friends and neighbors over for a backyard party. By choosing unforgettable decorations, fun entertainment and delicious food, you’ll create a get-together that could become an annual tradition. Decorations Your garden will likely provide all the flowers you need for your party, but if you want to add a few more, tie inexpensive vases or mason jars to your fence. Read More»

3 Troubleshooting Tips For A Restaurant Freezer That Won't Run

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If you’re like most restaurants, you’re probably pretty dependent on your freezer to store excess inventory. If your freezer stops working, you could be in big trouble. Depending on how long the outage lasts, you could lose inventory and you may not even be able to serve some items that are on your menu. It can be especially problematic if you can’t get a service person out to your restaurant in a short amount of time. Read More»

How To Avoid Overeating During The Big Game

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You’re doing great with your diet, but then your friends invite you to the local sports bar to watch the big game. A few rushes of adrenaline later, you’ve eaten four slices of pizza and more chicken wings than you can count. Sound familiar? Watching sports with friends can often be a diet disaster for many people–but it’s not inevitable. Here are a few strategies to help you enjoy the big game and keep your eating under control, so you don’t spend the next week eating lettuce and feeling guilty. Read More»