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Just Don't Invite The Ants -- How To Plan A Picnic-Style Wedding

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If you're looking for a wedding option that avoids the tired, stuffy traditional choices? Why not throw a picnic wedding? Take advantage of beautiful summer days and lower your costs by planning a fun outing that everyone can enjoy while relaxing and reliving fun times outdoors. Here are 4 things you'll need to create the perfect picnic wedding. 

Green Grass and a View

When picking out a venue for your picnic wedding, look for what you'd look for in any picnic site -- large swaths of green grass and a beautiful backdrop of trees, rustic buildings or a gorgeous view. If you're at all unsure about the weather, have a back-up plan for possible rain or colder weather -- a party tent or nearby event building with room to host everyone if needed.  Good venue choices may include wineries, a beach with a nearby restaurant venue, or a park that contains picnic areas with roofs. Ideally, the location should have easy access to existing bathrooms, but you may need to rent some if that's not an option.

Blankets and Pillows

To help your guests get into the picnic mood, lay out a variety of seating options. Bright, comfortable blankets are ideal on a dry day, laid out with pillows and picnic baskets filled with treats for the guests. Or you could add a low table made from the bench-style seat of a regular picnic table surrounded by pillows for comfortable seating. Be sure to include a few full-size picnic or round tables for guests who cannot sit on the ground comfortably. 

On-the-Go Food

Picnic food for your outdoor wedding should be fun, reminiscent of home and easy to eat. Finger foods are a good option, including mini versions of familiar favorites like sliders, meatballs on a stick or finger sandwiches. Other choices could include a wine and cheese buffet with many varieties clearly labeled for guests to try. Fruits are another good way to offer light, casual fare that will be easy to take and to enjoy. If you want to be adventurous, add a chocolate fountain to your fruit buffet for more fun. Complement foods with lemonade, ice tea and lots of water served from fancy glass canisters, along with summer wines for the adults. You can even have go the wedding catering route and have a company provide the food, if you aren't sure about preparing it all yourself.

Themed Accessories

Set the stage for your picnic-inspired wedding with party invitations featuring a picnic theme or printed on brown paper bags. Use candles, lanterns and wildflowers along with casual, country-chic tablecloths and runners to keep the mood going. Miniature picnic baskets or mason jars engraved with the newlyweds' initials serve as great party favors.

However you choose to design your perfect outdoor picnic nuptials, you're sure to leave a lasting and fun memory for yourselves, your family and all your guests.