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Simple Ways to Add Chia Seeds to Your Diet

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If you are beginning a new exercise regime and have decided to add some healthy food choices to your diet, consider mixing chia seeds into some of your meals. Chia seeds contain several vitamins, are low in calories, and can boost your energy level. Learn some simple ways to utilize them on a daily basis so that you enjoy all of the wonderful benefits that they provide.

Add to Soup or Gravy

Chia seeds can be added to soup or gravy and will thicken them up, making them rich and hearty. Use a spoon to add chia seeds directly to the pot that you are heating the soup or gravy in. Stir the contents until they are the desired consistency. If you would rather use chia seed powder, it will have the same effect as the seeds. Once your soup or gravy is ready to be consumed, it will taste great and you will barely notice that the seeds have been added. 

Mix Sprouts with Salads

If you enjoy eating salads that contain a variety of greens and vegetables, mixing sprouted seeds will provide your salad with added texture and flavor. Chia seed sprouts are spicy, but not overpowering. Place a couple tablespoons of seeds in a bowl that is filled with water. Allow them to soak overnight. The following day, empty the water and fill it up with a fresh supply. Continue doing this on a daily basis until the seeds have sprouted. Add the sprouts directly to the salads that you prepare and enjoy.

Create Homemade Breading

If you would like pieces of fish, poultry, or beef to have a crunchy coating attached to them, chia seeds will work just as well as breadcrumbs. Place several tablespoons of moistened seeds on a plate and spread them out. Set pieces of meat on top of them and press down until one side of each piece is coated. Flip the pieces over and coat the other sides. Cook the meat as you normally would. As you chew each bite of the coated meat, you will be greeted with a crunchy texture.

Chia seeds work well with a variety of foods, so experimenting with them will prove to be satisfying. Chia seeds are safe to consume each day and you may even feel more optimistic about exercising and eating healthy after you add them to your diet. Be sure to look for chia seeds for sale.