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3 Traditional Mexican Dishes To Try At An Authentic Mexican Restaurant

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The nearest drive-through taco stand may be a good place to grab a quick bite, but it's not really the best example of Mexican cuisine. It's easy to get a false perception of what Mexican food really tastes like when you're only exposed to the Americanized, fast-food version of the cuisine. You might be surprised at what traditional Mexican dishes are actually like. Take a look at a few dishes you should try the next time you get the chance.


Instead of nachos, order this traditional Mexican fried tortilla dish. The recipe calls for tortillas – often day-old or slightly stale tortillas – that are cut into strips or squares and then fried. The fried tortillas are then simmered in either red or green chili sauce and topped with cheese and a variety of other toppings.

Unlike the nachos that you're used to, the toppings don't necessarily include sour cream or guacamole. Instead, beans, chopped meats, eggs, and various sauces are commonly used. This dish is often seen as a good way to use up leftovers in many Mexican households. It's also a kind of comfort food, like mom's chicken soup or meatloaf and mashed potatoes in the U.S.


If you've never tasted a mole dish, you're missing out. Mole is a complex and complicated sauce made with more than 20 different ingredients and served over meat. Mole Poblano is perhaps the most famous type of mole sauce. It combines chilis, chocolate, nuts, spices, and other ingredients for a taste that's sweet, spicy, and very unique. This recipe is associated with the city of Puebla, Mexico.

Oaxaca is another city that's famous for its mole. There are at least six different types of mole, and you can find variations on them all around the country. Any authentic Mexican restaurant will serve at least one type of mole. If you're lucky, they'll serve two or more types of mole so that you can try them on your visits and see what you like best.


There are so many variations on pozole – and it's such a popular dish – that if you travel to Mexico, you can find whole restaurants devoted to serving different variations on pozole. This dish is a soup that has a base of hominy grits. Traditionally, it includes pork, though it can also be made with seafood or chicken. Various chilis and spices are added to the broth, and the hominy, meat, and broth are left to simmer overnight – or for a period of hours – in order to create a strong flavor.

The soup isn't done just because it's finished simmering. When pozole is served, the usual custom is to fill the bowl only part way. That's because you want to leave room for fresh toppings, including cabbage, lettuce, radishes, onions, and tomatoes. Top all that off with some cilantro and lime juice, and you're ready to enjoy pozole.

Whether you're planning a trip to Mexico and want a feel for what you'll be eating while you're there, or you just want to try something a little more authentic than a trendily-flavored taco, checking out these dishes at an authentic Mexican restaurant Tucson AZ is the best way to get an idea of what real Mexican cuisine is like.