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Food Services To Offer During High Volume Times

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The holidays or at the beginning and end of quarters can be high volume times for a number of industries. If you need all hands on deck, everyone may have to work overtime and the office may need to be made more efficient so that all projects and work can be completed as soon as possible. In order to keep the office staff most effective, here are some services to offer during those high volume time periods.

Office Coffee Service

Coffee is often the caffeine of choice for early mornings and late night work. If your office staff tends to prefer a cup of Joe each morning, offer a coffee service from a company like Five Star Water. With an office coffee service you can have a standing delivery of blonde, medium, and dark roast coffee, plus extras such as espresso or cappuccinos. These can be brewed fresh in your office so that they are the perfect thermometer. Place these in the break room so that anyone who needs a pick me up can stop by to grab a cup and get back to work.

Lunch delivery buffets

Constant food available in the break room means that there is no reason for employees to have to go out at night. Lunch delivery for the entire office is best when it includes a buffet of foods from a particular restaurant. This insures that everyone will get a little something that they may like and that the quantities will be enough to feed the entire office. Be sure to give the restaurant the amount of employees that you have, then overestimate on their suggestions for the amount of food to be sure enough is available. Along with ordering a buffet lunch, be sure to order some snacks or desserts that will sit out well in the following hours.

Grab and go bags for food

During high traffic times in the office, some employees will stay well into the night, while others will be in the office before day break. Reward these employees with grab and go food bags to use as fuel either as they are leaving or as soon as they come in. Offer prepared snacks, including water bottles, breakfast pastries, chips and salsa, and breakfast or dinner burritos. Small foods that can be enjoyed in a cab ride home or while at the desk will give your employees some nourishment, plus boost the morale of coming in each day or leaving after a job well done.