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Ideas For A Backyard Summer Party

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There's nothing like the long, lazy days of summer. Share the fun and make some memories by inviting your friends and neighbors over for a backyard party. By choosing unforgettable decorations, fun entertainment and delicious food, you'll create a get-together that could become an annual tradition.


Your garden will likely provide all the flowers you need for your party, but if you want to add a few more, tie inexpensive vases or mason jars to your fence. Fill them with a little water and a few blooms and your drab fence will turn into an eye-catching wall of flowers. If you expect your party to last past sundown, bring in a little glow without turning on the backyard flood lights. Purchase glow-in-the-dark paint and cover a few planters with it. When the sun goes down, they'll provide some light. Alternatively, pick up an old chandelier and replace the bulbs with solar-powered lights. If you hang these in the trees, you'll have an elegant light source in the evening. For inexpensive and colorful seating, scatter a few comfy quilts and pillows on the lawn to encourage lounging. For those guests who can't quite make it to the ground, spray paint some cheap folding chairs for a cheerful and colorful place to sit.   


Games aren't just for kid parties. They can provide a fun ice breaker for grown-ups who don't know each other that well, or just allow them to let loose and have some fun. Bend some pool noodles into u-shapes and place them in your lawn like arcs. Toss a few soccer balls in your yard and play some kickball croquet. When the sun goes down, amp up a traditional ring toss game. Instead of tossing rings or horseshoes, toss glow necklaces. It'll provide some fun entertainment and pretty decor, and you won't have to worry about losing your rings in the dark lawn.  


Food is the main attraction at most backyard parties. For appetizers, think about food that won't suffer in the hot summer sun. Choose salsas packed with fruit or veggies and skip the dips that are full of sour cream or mayo. For your main meal, go traditional and grill some burgers and hot dogs. A clam bake is also a good idea if you don't mind digging a couple of holes in your yard. Of course, you could skip the cooking altogether and spend your time mingling instead of grilling. Order a fajita platter from a local restaurant or hire someone who specializes in bbq catering, such as Great Caterers Of Iowa. You'll provide your guests with a delicious meal with none of the work.

If you provide the right decor, entertainment and food, you'll create the perfect setting for your guests to have a wonderful time at your summer party.