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Best 3 Types Of Restaurants For A First Date

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First dates can be intimidating for everyone involved. You can try to go all out coming up with a unique and unusual plan to try to impress your date, but there's something to be said for sticking with the tried and true dinner date. It gives the two of you time to talk and get to know each other better, and as long as you pick a place with a reasonably varied menu, it's pretty likely that you'll both at least come away from the experience feeling full and satisfied, whether or not the date goes well. However, there are some types of restaurants that make better first date venues than others. Take a look at some of the best first-date restaurant options.

A Bar and Grill

There are a couple of reasons why a bar and grill, such as Buzzard Billy's, might be a good bet. For one thing, even if it's a busy weekend night in your town, at least with a bar and grill, you have the option of sitting at a bar and ordering a drink to break the ice while you're waiting for a table, rather than trying to make awkward chit-chat while you're waiting outside the doors.

If it's a bar that features live music, so much the better. A band will give you something to talk about, and a distraction if there's a lull in the conversation. Finally, you'll have the option to continue the date in the bar area after dinner if things are going well, without having to leave and find something else to do. Or you can stay and have a drink solo if things don't work out – maybe that's where you'll meet your next first date.

A Pizza Place

It's usually a good idea to stay away from ethnic food until you know each other's food preferences. What if she's allergic to curry or he can't stand Thai food? But just about everyone loves pizza, and a pizzeria that offers a lot of options should have something that appeals to everyone. Even vegetarian and gluten-free pizzas are an option at many pizza places.

You might even learn something about your date just by observing what kind of pizza they order. For example, meat lovers are often dramatic and extroverted, and people who choose one veggie topping are empathetic and easygoing.

A Coffee Shop

For a day time or morning date, consider meeting up at a good local coffee shop. You won't get too full because the food tends not to be as heavy as a traditional restaurant, so you'll have plenty of energy if the date goes well and you two want to go do something else when you're done.

A coffee shop also works well for a blind date. If things aren't going so well, the date can be confined to a quick cup of coffee – you don't have to be stuck there for a full meal with several courses. On the other hand, if you two are hitting it off, coffee houses are great places to hang out and chat for longer than you could spend at a regular restaurant, without waiters trying to rush you so that they can seat someone else at your table.

With a little planning, you'll be able to choose the perfect setting for your next first date. It may go so well that the restaurant becomes the place that the two of you go back and visit on the anniversary of your meeting.