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Ways To Save Money At Popular Restaurants

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If you love to go out to eat, over time it can become very pricey to enjoy some of your favorite family restaurants week after week. Fortunately, there are some ways to save money and take advantage of discounts that many larger chain restaurants have to offer. The most important factor is to stay connected with the restaurant and know when they offer the best deals and specials. Here are just a few ways that you may be able to save up to 40 percent or more on your next family meal when you go out.

Sign Up For Email Perks

Many larger restaurant chains have newsletters and email offers that let you know when to take advantage of discounts. This is a way that they advertise to a select group of frequent customers to give them savings not offered to the general public. This may be in the form of a coupon or code that you have to present when you come into the restaurant. Examples may include a free entrée or half off drink specials certain nights of the week. Some restaurants offer anniversary and birthday rewards as well. When looking for family restaurants like Waterloo Restaurant in your your area, feel free to call and ask about nights where kids eat free. 

Scour Business Websites and Social Media Sites

If you're planning to go out to eat on a specific day or time you may want to visit the restaurant's website or social media site to see if they have any special offers. Sometimes businesses will offer a limited special on certain food items they may have gotten at a good price or that they couldn't sell previously. You may be able to score a steak or seafood meal that is 25 percent or more off the regular price.

Get A Rewards Card

Many restaurants offer a rewards card for frequent customers. If you swipe the card each time you go, you will either rack up points or qualify toward a free or discounted meal. A rewards card also keeps track of some of your favorite foods, allowing the restaurant to offer you samples of new dishes or desserts to try the next time you come in.

Pay With Credit

If your credit card offers rewards toward restaurant and meal purchases, it's worth it to use it to pay for dinner when you go out. You can easily earn dining credits or cash back for previous dining transactions.

Don't forget to sign up for business mailing lists as well. Restaurants may mail you coupons that you can use on an upcoming visit. Looking for food discounts while eating out may seem like it involves a lot of research, but it can save you a lot of money in the long run.