Liven Up Your Hamburgers this Summer

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Boosting Your Bakery's Sales with Seasonal Displays

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Birthdays and weddings might be your bakery’s bread and butter, but there are ways to capitalize off of the various holidays and seasons all year round. If you have flexible space in your bakery display, consider creating a seasonal display section. This area can be used to advertise unique items that customers might be interested in during holidays or at certain times of the year. Here are some ideas you can use for your seasonal display setup. Read More»

3 Troubleshooting Tips For A Restaurant Freezer That Won't Run

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If you’re like most restaurants, you’re probably pretty dependent on your freezer to store excess inventory. If your freezer stops working, you could be in big trouble. Depending on how long the outage lasts, you could lose inventory and you may not even be able to serve some items that are on your menu. It can be especially problematic if you can’t get a service person out to your restaurant in a short amount of time. Read More»

How To Avoid Overeating During The Big Game

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You’re doing great with your diet, but then your friends invite you to the local sports bar to watch the big game. A few rushes of adrenaline later, you’ve eaten four slices of pizza and more chicken wings than you can count. Sound familiar? Watching sports with friends can often be a diet disaster for many people–but it’s not inevitable. Here are a few strategies to help you enjoy the big game and keep your eating under control, so you don’t spend the next week eating lettuce and feeling guilty. Read More»

Best 3 Types Of Restaurants For A First Date

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First dates can be intimidating for everyone involved. You can try to go all out coming up with a unique and unusual plan to try to impress your date, but there’s something to be said for sticking with the tried and true dinner date. It gives the two of you time to talk and get to know each other better, and as long as you pick a place with a reasonably varied menu, it’s pretty likely that you’ll both at least come away from the experience feeling full and satisfied, whether or not the date goes well. Read More»